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Field Service "Servicing What We Sell"

Our product selection process demands that each product pass stringent requisites before being authorized and added to our product portfolio. We get it, our products are an extension of us. We mandate that our Manufacturer partner have similar core values to ours and this test plays a significant role in passing our requirements. Our beliefs are a product is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Our mission on every sale is simple; "Keep Customers For Life". Speed in solving service issues is a huge factor in satisfying the end user.serviceman 2nd-tools-bag Therefore, each partner in the distribution channel has a role in the process. We honor the importance of after sales service and consider it an foreseeable component of the sales process. Responsive after sale service is taken seriously and a quantifiable element to our business growth and success.

Most successful companies have one thing in common, incredible customer service. We go out of our way to make the customer feel appreciated, understood, and cared for. The end result is simple but powerful. A happy customer and repeat buisness!


  • Contact your local ABSi Sales Consultant using the Contacts Tab
  • Contact Brian Bunch, ABSi Service Manager 530-782-2482 Contacts Tab
  • Contact us toll free at 888-442-9422 (24hrs)
  • Contact President Scott Thurber at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In order to initiate a field service claim for defective product a completed Field Service Request Form must be filled out and sent to ABSi, or the corresponding information can be provided to your ABSi sales representative. To process expeditiously, the SR form should be sent via email and include as much detail as possible including photos. The following is the procedure for properly submitting a Field Service Request Form and the sequence of events that will transpire once it is received by ABSi:

  • All required information must be transmitted to an ABSi associate and received
  • The Field Service Request Form must be completed and filled out properly. The more information and detail provided to include photos the easier and faster it will be to provide resolution of the issue.
  • Once received completed, the SR will be submitted to the Manufacturer for processing and scheduling.
  • Once processed by the Manufacturer, your ABSi contact will inform you of the service date and details.
JELD-WEN SERVICE: To expedite JELD-WEN Non-Warranty Service, or Parts Request, click on the JELD-WEN Service link to fill out a electronic Service Claim. Complete the form to begin the process of submitting a warranty (Vinyl/Aluminum only) or non-warranty service request to JELD-WEN. After completing the form, you will be contacted by a customer service representative within 1 business day. Fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible. Fields marked (*) are required. All JELD-WEN Vinyl & Aluminum products sold in California require this form be filled out. Wood Window Products out of warranty also require this form to be filled out. Wood Window & Door products sold in California and under warranty, purchased through ABSi, may be run directly through ABSi. Please contact us for assistance.  
Manufacturer Service Report Links & Forms:

Happy Clients & Vendors

Testimonial Scott Gates

"As a manufacture of luxury quality window and door systems, we know that the homeowners that use our products are going to expect excellence on every product we provide them. To help us deliver on that expectation, we choose to partner with dealers to provide provide our products that share our same passion for customer service and quality. Our partner, Associated Building Supply, is one of the very best. To start, their firm is led by some of the best leaders in the industry. Both Chris Cole (President) and Scott Thurber (General Manager) have nearly unmatched experience in the high-end window and door market. Their expertise, as well as their commitment to a "Fairness Doctrine" that guides their business, ensures their customers that ABSi will not only be able to tackle the complex challenges of a custom home design, but also that they will have a fantastic experience with a dealer that is 100% focused on their satisfaction. ABSi has a commitment to business excellence that is best seen through their beautiful showrooms throughout California that allow customers direct access to their multitude of product offerings. Their sales team is unmatched for product knowledge, customer service skills, and attention to detail. Add all this up and you have a powerful combination that will leave homeowners, architects, and builders extremely satisfied. Our team at Western wholeheartedly recommends ABSi to any customer looking for windows and doors for their custom project."

Scott Gates   Vice President & General Manager    Western Window Systems

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